ElectroForce a new brand of electric bikes for less than $ 5,000

Elektroforce© EFM
ElectroForce Motors is a Chinese company based in Shanghai…

…from existing combustion motorcycles frames they decided to launch two models of electric bikes, each with two engines “base” and “+” , more powerful and with a higher battery capacity.

ElectroForce Motors, EFM was formed after a market study that found that there are a plethora of models of electric bikes but quality is not always there, therefore they decided to explore this niche !

Two models Mu and Tau with a more sporty design for estimated price of $ 4,200 and $ 5,000 while the heart of the local market is around 3.000Yuans (496$ au cours du jour) …

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-19 um 08.08.38© EFM

Address the niche market on volumes such as the Asian ones, with over 36 million electric two-wheelers produced in China alone is certainly a good strategy to get a piece of the market.

The EFMotors Mu and EFMotors Tau are offered in two variants classic and “+” with powers of 8 and 11kW, speeds of 85 to 100 kph, 3.9 and 5.4kWh batteries packs for a range between 115 to 150km !

“We hope to start in Asia first – China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, all great motorcycle places with big populations of riders,” Brandon Ng.

Source: technologicvehicles

One comment on “ElectroForce a new brand of electric bikes for less than $ 5,000

  1. Frank on said:

    Seems a bit unprofessional to bring this news, check your sources, EFM has been Disbanded,…

    Quote from website of ElectroForce Motors, http://www.electroforcemotors.com/

    “Dear visitors,

    Thank you for visiting http://www.electroforcemotors.com, the official website of ElectroForce Motors (EFM). It is with deep regret that we, the founders of EFM, have collectively decided to disband EFM. EFM will no longer continue as a functioning project and will no longer continue in any of its business. This has arisen due to material differences in the implementation of the same vision between EFM’s founders.

    We thank you for your untiring support during the time of the partnership. The EFM website will continue to exist, unsupported, as a legacy for the work EFM had accomplished.”

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